Why this Hamilton fan is sad to see Nico Rosberg retire from Formula One

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

As Nico Rosberg announced his retirement form Formula One, it left this Lewis Hamilton supporter sad to see Rosberg leave the sport. Frankly, it should leave all F1 fans slightly depressed to see a talented World Champion retire from the sport while still relatively young; especially as there appears to be no other available driver experienced enough to take his seat at the moment.

Forgetting the ridiculous rumours from Hamilton fanboys that Mercedes GP deliberately sabotaged engines to give Rosberg the lead, and removing the British Press’ constant criticism of the German driver, Nico Rosberg has been a constantly good racing driver. He’s also been a very good ambassador for the sport, despite what some within the anti-Rosberg campaign may like to believe.


Rosberg made Hamilton a better driver

If you constantly compete against people who are way below your own level of performance, you simply don’t try as hard, because you don’t have to. You can become complacent and lazy. If you’re in a race car that is miles ahead of the competition you need something to keep you on your toes and keep pushing you to be the best.

Lewis Hamilton has benefited from a rival in Rosbeg who is arguably as good as he is. This has forced Hamilton to up his game in a team where the German driver was almost definitely the preferred driver for the German owned team. Competing against Rosberg has meant that Hamilton (and at times the Mercedes management) needed to consistently out qualify and outscore Rosberg if he wanted to be the best.

Of course, it could be argued that other drivers such as Vettel could have done the same if they had been in the same team. They weren’t.

Rosberg is extremely intelligent

Off the track, Nico Rosberg was well respected within the paddock for his technical ability. He speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and French fluently which makes him able to converse with team bosses and engineers from all over the F1 world.


But Rosberg has made some very poor calls on track

Name me an F1 driver who hasn’t. There’s no such thing as a fair fight in a sport where the prizes are so high.


Rosberg is more reserved than other drivers

It’s a German thing. If Hamilton is cheese, Rosberg is chalk. Hamilton is quite happy jetting off around the world, enjoying his fame and money (and why not!)

Meanwhile, the German prefers to spend him with his family, wife and new child. As a father of two and someone who considered family to be the centre of my life, I think that’s equally as cool.

So good luck Nico Rosberg. Hopefully we’ll see you in the F1 paddock again soon in a different role.