The British Press should stop trying to discredit Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

As the 2016 F1 season rapidly draws to an end, there’s suddenly an air of superiority from biased British fans of Lewis Hamilton. It’s been suggested that Nico Rosberg isn’t worth of being World Champion because Hamilton has suffered reliability issues, and I say the British Press should stop trying to discredit Nico Rosberg immediately.

Watching Sky Sports F1 and reading other news outlets, the Press were quickly trying to come up with every possible reason to suggest that Nico Rosberg wouldn’t be a worthy World Champion. They were pointing our how unlucky Hamilton has been in terms of reliability, but failed to mention that Nico Rosberg has scored more points than Hamilton to date and started the 2016 season supremely.

The British Press should stop trying to discredit Nico Rosberg

The Hamilton Fanboys of Sky Sports were unashamedly discussing the possibility of Rosberg being ‘lucky’ to be ahead of Hamilton. However, they failed to recall races where Rosberg also suffered reliability issues – such as engine failure at Monza 2015, brake failure in Bahrain and a sticky throttle in Russia: all of which arguably cost Rosberg the title in 2015. Where were the calls from the British Press discrediting Hamilton’s World Championship win then?


This attitude against Nico Rosberg discredits good journalists

As soon as you hear journalists and commentators looking for poor quality reasons for Hamilton falling behind, it seriously begins to discredit them. Sour grapes do nothing to make them sound experienced and everything to make them sound childish. Just like when Hamilton suggested Mercedes were trying to sabotage his cars.


Whomever scores the most points this year would deserve to win the world championship

And that’s it. End of argument. The biggest point scorer wins and reliability is just bad luck. Nothing more, nothing less. Whichever driver wins they’ll be a very worthy winner.