Pauline Cafferkey: the Nursing and Midwifery Council should give her a break

Pauline Cafferkey

Pauline CafferkeyPauline Cafferkey gave up her time to save lives, fighting against a barely understood disease, Ebola. Then, after a 20 hour shift was flown home to the UK.

Pauline Cafferkey arrived home, knackered, in a “busy, disorganised and even chaotic” airport and then the wrong number gets recorded on her notes by someone else. She then almost dies from the disease, which tried to take her life another two times afterwards and now her name is being dragged though the mud. That’s what you get for being a caring person.

Why would Pauline Cafferkey deliberately hide her illness and put lives at risk in the UK after savings lives in Sierra Leone? That just doesn’t make any sense.

She was sick. She wasn’t thinking clearly. They, on the other hand, should veered on the side of caution, and treated her as a patient the moment they found out her temperature on the high side. Instead, in all the chaos, they recorded it as lower, and allowed her through. She shouldn’t be blamed for any perceived misdoings.