Pistonhead Full Amber Lager review

Pistonhead Full Amber LagerI’m a Real Ale drinker, so when I saw Pistonhead Full Amber Lager for sale in my local supermarket, I was intrigued. Not because it’s an ale, but because it boasts to be flavoured with Citra and Cascade hops. I love a hoppy beer, and despite Pistonhead Full Amber being labelled as a lager, I thought I’d give it a go.


Pistonhead Full Amber Lager gave me a very pleasant surprise

I wasn’t hoping for much, but ended up very surprised indeed by the 6.0% lager brewed in Sweden.

Pistonhead Full Amber Lager has a dark malt appearanceThe notes for the beer describe it as a “dark, full-bodied brew” which is “dry-hopped with Citra and Cascade hops to offer a spicy citra edge”. For once, I completely agree with the description. In fact, I’d go as far to bet that if you gave a real ale snob a glass of Full Amber they’d be very unlikely to describe it as a lager.

I’m a huge fan of a real ale called ‘Citra’ produced by the brewery Oakham Ales. If you’ve ever tried Citra, imagine a more malty edge to the flavour and you’ve got Pistonhead Full Amber Lager.

Would I recommend Pistonhead Full Amber Lager?

Yes I would. Okay, so the beer comes in a can and not a bottle which will immediately upset the snobs at the Campaign for Real Ale. Full Amber definitely is not a real ale, but is as damn close as a lager is ever going to get in terms of flavour, body and strength.

I can image it being perfect for a hot summers evening with a burger in the garden, or easy carrying for an outside event. Definately a drink that is likely to be enjoyed in the warmer months.

Overall, I’m very impressed, and Full Amber will be making in to my summer drinks chiller this year.

You can discover more about the Pistonheads lager at: pistonheadlager.com