Richard Ayoade: finally there’s a reason to watch Great British Bake Off

Richard Ayoade

As rumours circles that Richard Ayoade may be the new presenter of Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off reboot, I suddenly found myself interested in the program for the first time since I switched off due to Mel and Sue’s trite attempts at sexually half-baked references.

For those of us who like sarcastic humour (who doesn’t?), Richard Ayoade seems the perfect candidate to replace Mel and Sue. Those who have ever watched him will already know that his  cutting prose is some of the best on British TV.

With his clever whit and extremely dry sarcasm, Ayoade made it to fame acting in programs including The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd and more recently a documentary called Travel Man; which saw him travel some of the worlds best places alongside other celebrities including Jo Brand and Johnny Vegas.

“Why have a pet hate? Why should it be confined? My hate is both wide ranging and total” – Richard Ayoade


Does Richard Ayoade enjoy baking?

I have no idea, but does it really matter? After Paul Hollywood sold his soul to Channel 4, we can let him worry about the soggy bottoms and let Ayoade do what he does best – slate the worst bread rolls and chocolate gateau’s without the contestants realising a thing. I don’t have the cognitive capacity to imagine how amazing his reviews of the contestants baked goods could be (it’s like trying to imagine the end of space) but you can be confident they will be very, very good.