Scottish Commercial Register Scam

Scottish Commercial Register scam

Direct Publisher SLU are at it again with another scam, this time the Scottish Commercial Register Scam. Those pesky Spaniards just don’t seem to give up with these attempts to defraud business owners out of money. So, I continue my quest to warn more people of it and help save people some of their hard earned money.

This scam has many different faces, the main one being the Commercial Register scam. The fraud is pretty much identical in every way. It starts with a letter which asks you to update your records and which appears to be from an official UK Government body. However, if you turn over the page there are a lot of terms and conditions in gray. Once you’ve signed you’ll be hounded monthly with threats of legal action.

“‘Scottish Commercial Register’ notices requesting €990 to approve info held. They’re not legitimate and have no connection to us.” Companies House Edinburgh Office

If you’ve found yourself in the same boat that I did, don’t panic. My advice is to ignore them and eventually they will go away. In the meantime, have a read here. It’s got loads of information from other small business owners who have been targeted by other various scams.

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