Thank you, Steve Hewlett – legendary presenter dies at 58

Steve Hewlett

I’ve just heard Eddie Mair announce to the nation’s Radio 4 listeners that Steve Hewlett died this morning at the young age of 58 after a short battle with cancer of the esophagus.

Those who listen to Radio 4’s PM program will be used to hearing Steve talk about his experience with presenter and friend Eddie Mair. It’s no secret that his treatment failed and for the last few weeks his voice has been audibly weaker.

Steve was diagnosed wih cancer around the same time at my father was diagnoised with throat cancer and learning of his death left me stunned. Luckily for me and my family, my dad looks as though he will recover in full. Sadly not the same for Steve Hewlitt’s family.

I never met Steve Hewlitt, but like thousands others I felt like I had. He had an ability to explain any situation perfectly, and elegantly. Steve Hewlett was an incredibly loved and authoritive journalist, who had a long standing career with the BBC and a great sense of humour.

“At no point did I feel the diagnoses crushing me” said Mr Hewitt during an interview with Eddie Mair when he first started to explain his journey with cancer. He hoped that his experience would help other people talk about cancer and how to deal with it. He certainly gave a very descriptive account of how he was treated which many cancer sufferers will related to.

Steve Hewlett’s voice was unmistakeable. He will be missed. His family has asked that any donations be made to the Royal Marsden Hospital, where Steve was treated.