The Death Slide (Skydrop) at Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park

For some children, the Death Slide at Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park was the best slide in the world. It was officially called ‘Skydrop’.

For me, it was one of the most scary things that occurred each summer of my childhood.

My psychotic step-father would force me to walk the ladder to the top; and then seemingly enjoy my tearful walk of shame back down as I refused to jump. A refusal to jump would result in accusations that I was a ‘wimp’; on the one time I summoned by courage I was told it was “just a little slide”. I blame the person who named it ‘The Death Slide’.

Of course, if I went on it now I’d smash it. We’ll never know as it was removed about 15 years ago.

Apparently there was one at Magic City in Clacton-on-Sea as well.

And while I’m reminiscing, here are some 1980’s photos from those Summer days at Pleasurewood Hills.

Woody at 'Woody's Place', Pleasurewood Hills circa 1986
Woody at ‘Woody’s Place’, Pleasurewood Hills circa 1986



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