The problem with the name Ritchie

The problem with the name Ritchie is this: no one really gets it. I’ve had this name for 36 years and people still get it wrong. On an almost daily basis I’m called “Ricky” or “Richard”.

People can’t spell it properly, either. For example, I’ll send an email to someone and close if with my name, Ritchie. Yet nine times out of ten they’ll reply with “Hello Richie“.

How difficult is it to read a name and then type it properly?


Ritchie isn’t short for Richard, either.

I get really annoyed when people tell me that my name is short for Richard. Both the names have the same number of letters in them. The idea of shortening a name is to make it shorter so your theory doesn’t work.

Rant over. I feel better after getting 36 years of Ritchie name-related stress out.


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