The Product Key entered has not been Activated

"The Product Key entered has not been Activated" is a very frustrating message
“The Product Key entered has not been Activated” is a very frustrating message




I recently purchased a new laptop from Currys PC World in Clacton-on-Sea and decided to opt for the Microsoft Office 365 bundle. Everything was going well until it came to set up Office.

Following the instructions I entered the code at only to receiving the following message:

“The Product Key entered has not been Activated. Without an Active Product Key you cannot retrieve your product. Product Keys can only be activated at the store where Office was purchased. Return to the store with your receipt of proof of purchase to activate your Product Key”.

Slightly annoyed I took a drive back to the store. After waiting for some time I was eventually served by a lady who scanned the card and told me it would be fine. I returned to the office to try again. Same message! Increasingly frustrated I called PC World on their customer service line only to be told I needed to return to the store again as they had “scanned the card too quickly”.

The following day I returned and spoke to the Manager, Sam, who said he was unable to help me. I refused to leave the store until I had a fix. Eventually he rang PC World who agreed to send a replacement by DPD for the following day. It turns out that some card from Microsoft “refuse to activate and they don’t know why”. When I went back it still hadn’t arrive.

10 days later after calls from the branch in Clacton-on-Sea I was promised another by the morning.


How to fix The Product Key entered has not been Activated error

If you bought the laptop online and collected it in-store, sadly there’s only one way for it – you have to return the card to PC World for replacement.They’ll post you another.

If you purchased the card in-store, return to the store that you purchased the card from or where you collected your purchase.

in either case PC World have no way of activating it over the phone.



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