Things you (probably) didn’t know about Colchester

Blur hail from Colchester

Some members of the rock band Blur hail from Colchester. Band members including Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree lived and were raised in Colchester. Graham Coxon would later move to the town and meet Albarn at secondary school; and Blur would be born.


Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher worked in Colchester as a research chemist from 1947 to 1951, before beginning her career as a politician. She worked as a chemist for BX Plastics which was based in Manningtree at the time.


The Romans

Colchester was chosen by the Roman’s as the base for their very first English legionary fortress. You can still see some of the original walls in various locations around the town.



In 1884, Colchester was hit by an earthquake which measured 4.7 in the Richter Scale. Some houses in the Dutch Quarter and New Town areas still display visible damage.


St Helena

St Helena (or St Helen, consort of the Roman emperor Constantius Chlorus and the mother of the emperor Constantine the Great) is the patron Saint of Colchester. She was born c.246 AD.


Humpty Dumpty

The poem ‘Humpty Dumpty’ is said to have originated in Colchester after a powerful cannon, used during the English Civil War, fell from a church tower and was damaged. There are other ideas of the origin, but an Colcestrian will tell you it originated there.


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