Trying a new treatment for psoriasis

Having previously written about my ongoing problems with psoriasis, I decided it was time I visited the GP and sought some more help. The problem was obviously getting worse and my wife was becomming irritated by my apparently reluctance to seek further help and advice.

On explaining to my doctor how things were worsening and then showing him how back my skin was, he immediately suggested a change of treatments:

  • a course of antibiotics – Lymecycline 480mg once a day (a tetracycline antibiotic)
  • Dovobet gel – a mix of calcipotriol and betamethasone (a vitamin D and steroid medication) only to be used on the scalp but not on the face
  • Dovobet ointment – again, only to be used on the arms and legs but not on the face


You shouldn’t use Dovobet on the face

My doctor was very insistent that I understood not to use Dovobet on the face. The reason being that steroid treatments think the skin, and can result in blotching.

He also said that he believe my face issue was actually eczema, but the rest of my body was suffering from psoriasis. This is why he believed the olive oil and chamomile gel that I’d been using on my face had been so successful – it is having the effect of a natural emollient.


Referral to a dermatologist

As a result of all this, my GP referred me to see a dermatologist, with the likely outcome being that I’ll have UV treatment or perhaps even an oral treatment.

I’ll post more information once I have it.

In the meantime, if you have any experiences of this type of treatment, why not leave a comment or suggestion below?


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