WhatsApp Etiquette – the Do’s and Dont’s of mobile messenging

WhatsApp Etiquette is often overlooked when it comes to the rules of instant messaging. Whilst WhatsApp is an excellent tool for your social, family and business life, there are some rules that you must adhere to if you don’t want to become one of ‘those’ annoying people.


Don’t hijack group chats

This is by far the most annoying thing you can do on WhatsApp. If you want to have a one-to-one conversation then have it in a new chat window – don’t spam the group with a personal conversation. Doing these means that people in the group and going to pick up their phone to see 168 missed messages; which they’ll either ignore or have to spend time skimming through to catch up. Keep group chat relevant to everyone, and keep personal conversations personal. This is a vital piece of WhatsApp Etiquette to follow!


Don’t pester for a response

So you’ve sent a message, the recipient has read it but they haven’t replied. Don’t be a pest! They may be too busy at the time to even reply so give them time to respond.


Keep Group Chat on topic

If you have a group chat about ‘pictures of the best cars in my city’, the chances are that people are going to get fed up with you if you start sending pictures of your cat making weird faces. Eventually they’ll either block you or leave the group, so keep the chat on topic and resist the urge to send random stuff.

Don’t fight on WhatsApp

Just like any other form of social media, having an argument on WhatsApp is going to become embarrassing. No one needs to know about you and your BFF’s recent argument and no one likes a Gadget Gremlin, so don’t air your dirty laundry in public. It’s poor WhatsApp Etiquette and it’s generally bad in any area of life!


Don’t share unverified information

In this day of fake news it’s even more important to ensure that you verify anything you share on any social media. The website Hoax-Slayer is an excellent way to search for stories circulating the web. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Read the message? Acknowledge it.

So two little blue ticks mean someone has read the message, but has it sunk in? Be polite and send a reply, even if it’s as simple as “yep, got it” or “ok”.


Excuse yourself before leaving a Group

When you leave a group, everyone in that group is notified. To avoid people thing you are being rude/have the hump, politely make your excuses for leaving i.e. ‘sorry, I have so much work on that I need to leave the group for a while’. Don’t forget you can mute a conversation for a period of time by clicking the settings option in the chat; which can sometimes be the better option.


Got something to add for your own WhatsApp Etiquette?

Then leave your point in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to update this list to reflect the general consensus.


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