YouTube is a Trolls Paradise

YouTube is a Trolls Paradise and something needs to be done. At a time when cyber bullying and Internet Trolls are in the headlines, it seems odd that YouTube still make it to easy for Trolls to sign up for new accounts to spread their hate, seemingly anonymously.

YouTube, which has been owned by Google since 2005, allows new users to sign up for an account by opening a Google Account. Opening a Google Account is a very straight forward process with almost no security checks made whatsoever. Once created, a Troll can easily open a YouTube account and start posting comments.

Anyone who uses YouTube regularly will have probably found themselves subject to abuse at some point or another. Last week, I made a simply comment on a video, only to be abused by numerous Trolls who didn’t agree with me. As well as various vulgarities, I was attacked personally about my appearance and even my family. For me it’s water off a ducks back, but for many it becomes very personal.


YouTube is a Trolls Paradise – but why?

If you’ve ever tried to report Trolling on YouTube, you’ll know it’s extremely difficult. First of all, the process of reporting it unnecessarily long and clunky. Half the time you’ll get a response from YouTube saying “We’re unable to identify a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our Safety and Abuse Tool”.

There are a number of methods that YouTube could adopt to prevent Trolling. Google use some of these already, so should alreadybe experts at implementing them on YouTube:

  • telephone verification – make a new user link their mobile or home phone to their account (people are much less likely to troll if they know they can be traced)
  • link the account to something personal – such as a bank account

Whatever the answer, more needs to be done to prevent trolling on Youtube. YouTube is a Trolls Paradise and in 2017, that’s just not acceptable.


Dealing with YouTube trolls effectively

According to, there are 4 main things to do when dealing with YouTube trolls:

  1. Never, ever say something hateful back
  2. Find a way to be funny without (obviously) cutting the other person down
  3. Agree with them in a humorous way
  4. Let your fans handle it

The main thing is not to allow yourself to get dragged into their hateful rhetoric. Remember that some of these people have real psychological problems.


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