The information contained within this website are the answers which I provided to achieve a Level 4 BTEC and NVQ in Business Management. They are specific to my industry, and to me, and are not necessarily correct.


Why I have posted these answers

I spent many months researching the answers to the BTEC and NVQ requirements. It was hard work. I struggled at times to find the information I needed, and distance working meant that I was often on my own struggling for motivation. By posting my answers online I hope to be able to help other people studying similar qualifications.


Why you shouldn’t copy and paste from this site.

All examination boards have IQA’s who check work for plagiarism. Not only that, but modern technology makes it very easy to check for plagiarism. If you copy my work, they will find out. I don’t care if you do it (I’ve already qualified) but you should care because it could end up with you being chucked off the course. Instead, you should use my answers as ideas for your own and make sure your answers are relevant to your own experience and expertise. Ignore this advice at your peril.