Austerity is a Lie. Welcome to Tory Britain.

Austerity is a Lie. It’s a political opinion, not a fact. It’s an ideal that says it’s better to cut the State than to to grow it; offering jobs to people and empowering them to earn and pay taxes.

Austerity is a frame of mind that brainwashed conservatives would have everyone else believe is the only way that the 27th wealthiest county – a country with a GDP per capita of £34,686 – can only survive by making huge cuts to health and public services across the country.

Austerity is an excuse for to sell the public assets and vital contracts to friends and family of the richest MP’s and influential people in the country.

Meanwhile, the poorest in society are left with less disposable income, the number of homeless rises to record levels and crime rises to its highest level in a decade.


Welcome to Tory Britain.


Quickly, private rents increase to the highest levels on record as a lack of new social housing in provisioned creating exponential competition for two and three bedroom properties. More people are forced into self employment due to a lack of public sector jobs and contracts, yet risk causing a borrowing crises. Even pro-Tory newspapers call for more public money to fund social housing.

Instead of boosting more PAYE and permanent jobs in the public sector, allowing people to earn and save, the government forces people into the “gig economy” and supports companies who prefer zero hours contracts, provided little job security or guaranteed income. At the same time, it attempts to push through laws which remove workers rights (which eventually fail and cause a massive u-turn in policy to protect votes).


Welcome to Tory Britain.


As the austerity lie is forced on the population, teachers are attacked and told they must work even harder for less money and lower pensions, resulting in fewer teachers to cope with more pupils.

Woodlands are sold off to the highest bidder. Developers are allowed to build with less constraints.

In a bid to secure her future, Teresa May loses her majority with a £140million bill to the taxpayer whilst striking an expensive deal with the right-wing DUP.


Welcome to Tory Britain.


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