Beware of Maize Starch in Medicine

Maize starch in medicine, if you’re allergic you’d have to ask why? Well, it seems the pharmaceutical industry uses it as a binder. This means that anyone who suffers from a corn allergy needs to be extremely careful when taking any medicine and ensure that they read the leaflet contained within the packet.

This all came to light recently when my wife had a really nasty cold. The pressure caused by the mucus was causing her to have severe headaches, so she turned to Sudafed tablets as a decongestant. After a couple of days she was feeling even worse and on closer inspection of the leaflet inside the pack it turned out that there was maize starch in them.

In fact, most decongestants have maize in them, which makes them a no-go for corn allergy sufferers.

I did manage to find one product which didn’t contain maize – Nurofen Sinus & Blocked Nose tablets. They contain Ibuprofen and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride (that’s the drug which acts as a decongestant).

It’s a real pain that some manufacturers put maize starch in medicine, and it means that corn allergy sufferers have to be very careful what they buy.


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