Facebook introduces coloured Status background option for Android

Facebook has today introduced colour status updates for it’s mobile app, allowing you to go another step further in personalising your Facebook experience.

The Facebook coloured status update appeared on 20th December 2016 just in time for Christmas and instantly my newsfeed became full of colourful text.


How the Facebook coloured status update works

The new update of the Facebook mobile app is just the latest addon which allows users to chose from a choice of preset colours including orange, yellow, red, green, blue, purple and grey. You simple write your update and then select from one of the preset hues on offer.


Facebook colour statuses only on Android

Currently, the coloured background option is only available via the Android app, but Facebook will eventually role the option out to IOS and desktop users.


Why are Facebook offering coloured backgrounds?

Facebook has noticed a decline in the number of users using the text option for updating their status. Instead, users have began to use more video and photos (such a memes). Facebook want to move people back to telling each other what they really feel.


I’m using Android by I don’t get the Facebook coloured background status option?

You’ll need to update your Facebook app, so pop on over to the Play Store and update the app for free.


What do you think of this new option?

Let us have your comments – pop them in the box below.


2 thoughts on “Facebook introduces coloured Status background option for Android

  • 9th March 2017 at 17:07

    I am a android user and I would like the patterns option in my status backgrounds. How is it possible?

    • 9th March 2017 at 21:26

      Update to the latest version of the app.


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