How To Develop An Effective Personal Professional Development Plan

When planning a personal professional development plan, both employees and employers need to look at a number of points which they can do so by asking a set of questions. 

    • How is the current role progressing? 
    • Are there any ongoing issues? 
    • Is the employee being used to their full potential? 
    • What additional training is required
    • Does the employee have aspirations to move into a more senior role? 
    • What are the thoughts of the employees’ mentor (if applicable)?
    • What other areas need improving? 

These areas are best split into 3 stages: 

Stage 1 – Personal Analysis 

The first stage is designed to analyse the strengths and weaknesses.  We can draw heavily on previous career experience and the outcomes of courses previously attended. These should be supplemented by the perceived opportunities that will have been derived from experience and any ‘threats’ to continued success. 

Stage 2 – Setting Goals

This involves setting new and clearly definable goals which are measurable either through the support of a mentor, manager, or perhaps using individual personal aims. These goals should include the company’s adjectives.  

Stage 3 – Personal Objectives 

This stage involves setting out personal objectives. 

Once the areas for development and improvement have been identified, it is possible to develop a personal development plan to put into action


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