List of dog attacks in the UK

This list of dog attacks in the UK as an attempt to try and establish which breeds have been responsible for the majority of attacks on people in cases reported in the media. The majority of the attacks were on children followed by the elderly.

This list will doubtless make difficult reading for owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which top the list of dog attacked in the UK in terms of being names as the offending dog.

This list has only be compiled using reported information researched on the internet. In each case the breed, type of attack and the types of injuries or incidence has been recorded. A link to each news article is also provided.

If you have any additional recorded information to add to this List of dog attacks in the UK, please let them in the comments section below – along with a link to the relevant article – and it will be added.


Date Breed Description Link to article
Oct-16 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Colchester, Essex: baby killed, toddler received ‘life changing injuries – mother injured. Dog owned by a local police officer Link
Aug-16 Pit bull Man dies after attack by dog which had been previously seized Link
Aug-16 American Bulldog 3 year old boy killed by a dog in Halstead, Essex Link
Feb-15 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Two victims were left with parts of their ears missing and needing hospital treatment Link
Mar-13 2 Mastiffs and 2 Bull Terriers 14 year old mauled to death by a pack of 4 dogs in Greater Manchester Link
Jan-12 Bull Terrier Girl left with life changing injuries after ear severed Link
Aug-11 Rottweiler 7 year old attached on Southend beach by dog Link
Dec-10 Jack Russell 10 year old needed stitches after dog bite in park Link
Sep-10 Collie Family dog bites 2 year old boy on the face Link
Apr-10 Mastiff 18 month old girl killed by uncle’s dog Link
Mar-10 Staffordshire bull terrier-bull mastiff cross and a Staffordshire terrier Man killed after offenders use dogs as weapons Link
Nov-09 Bull Mastiff 4 year old killed by dog and grandmother injured trying to safe him Link
May-09 Unknown Woman attacked by dog whilst out walking Link
Sep-08 Undisclosed ‘two large white dogs’ 60 year old woman suffers severe ankle bites Link
Aug-08 Greyhound Attacked owner and bit of a chunk of a face in the middle of the night Link
Jun-08 Unknown 13 year old boy badly injured in Wolverhampton dog attack Link
Mar-08 American Bulldog Girl suffered serious injuries to her legs and arms when dog attacked her Link
Dec-07 Rottweiler Woman loses arm after she is attacked by stray dog in kennels Link
Oct-07 Terrier (undescribed) Girl spent three days in hospital after being attacked by a dog in North Lanarkshire Link
May-07 Bullmastiff 4 year old mauled by bullmastiff on the way to the shops with his father Link
Jan-07 Boxer Man suffers minor injuries after being attacked by boxer Link
Jan-07 Rottweiler 12 year old boy attacked by dog in “savage” attack Link
Oct-06 American Bull Dog 6 year old bitten on back and thigh Link
Aug-06 German Shepard 14 year old attacked on street Link
Jun-06 Unknown (believed crossbreed) Kayleigh Thornton, 20, from Plymouth suffered severe arm and leg injuries and was taken to Derriford Hospital for surgery. A second woman was also hurt Link
Oct-04 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Girl attacked in school playground Link
Dec-03 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Police in Cumbria are hunting the owner of a dog which attacked a man in Barrow Link
Jun-03 Akita Dog grabbed a girl’s head in its jaws, leaving her scarred for life Link
Jun-03 Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador cross Man has been charged with failing to keep his dog under control after it attacked a 13-year-old girl in West Bromwich Link
Mar-03 Undisclosed 5 dogs leave young boy with life changing injuries Link
Dec-02 English Bull Terrier Man dies after dog attack Link
Nov-02 Bull Terrier Man dies from heart attack after dog attack Link
Aug-02 American Pitbull Teenager needed 60 stitches after being attacked by a dog Link
Jun-02 Doberman Millionaire’s dog bite of part of child’s arm Link
Jun-00 Bull Terrier Children attacked in school playground Link
May-00 Bull Mastiff 7 year old received face and hand injuries after family pet attacked her in garden Link

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