Bernie Ecclestone’s recent announcement that a London Grand Prix street race could take place as early as 2017 has got British F1 fans in a bit of a flap, and although the glass half empty brigade are saying it’s impossible, many others are already starting to predict were the circuit could be placed. Including me and my excellent Photoshop skills [irony].

Formula One Management have a good record of putting on street-circuit races in other cities where people once said it would be impossible to hold them, including Singapore, Montjuïc circuit and Detroit street circuit.

London is one of the most historical cities in the world and a London Grand Prix would be great for the British economy. Imagine a British-built McLaren Honda flying past Big Ben, a Red Bull turning into the hard right-hander at St. Paul’s just before crossing Blackfriars Bridge, or a Mercedes breaking heavily outside Buckingham Palace as it proceeds to make its way around Green Park. And for those with more money than sense, a seat on the London Eye would give superb overhead views as cars make their way over Westminster Bridge.

And while we’re dreaming, how about some floating grand stands places near to the waters edge?

Here’s my proposed route:

My proposed 2017 London GP route
2017 London Grand Prix could see circuit pass Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace

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