Value Of Constructive Feedback In Implementing A Personal Development Plan

Constructive feedback is vital in implementing and monitoring a personal development plan. 

When an employee achieves or exceeds a goal within their Personal Development Plan, it is right to praise and encourage them to continue to strive to meet their targets.  

However, there may be times when the goals are not achieved or mistakes are made. It is at this stage that it is vital to provide constructive feedback, even if it is in the negative vein. Without constructive feedback, it may be difficult for the employee to understand where they are going wrong (why they are failing to achieve their objectives), which in turn may leave them unable to correct mistakes or get back on track. 

Additionally, poor quality feedback may leave an employee feeling negative about their personal development or even feeling that they need to give up on this plan and change their goals entirely. It is important that employees and their managers are able to learn from any mistakes to avoid them reoccurring. This can also help trainers and managers to prevent the same errors occurring with the next employee. 

Constructive feedback can help build respect between employees and their mentors or managers.

Management “buy-in” is equally important to the performance management process. If management does not understand the importance and value of the process, it can lead to consistently late or incomplete appraisals, mistrust, avoidance of performance discussions, and a lack of honest performance-related discussions.

Often managers may feel unprepared to deliver quality feedback and oversee effective performance discussions.


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