Homemade Doner Kebab Recipe

Watching your figure doesn’t mean you have to give up your Saturday night treat, and that includes the Doner Kebab. In fact, my homemade Doner Kebab meat can be high in protein and with virtually no carbohydrates whatsoever.

There’s a big difference between this homemade donor kebab recipe which you buy in a fast-food restaurant. To start, you know exactly what’s gone into the meat (which is more than can be said for the lump of processed meat which turns around on that grill). Plus, with my recipe, you know exactly how old the meat is.

I highly recommend that you use grass fed lamb whenever possible, but if lamb isn’t your think there’s not reason you can swap it for pork mince, or even beef (be careful as beef can get dry).


This Homemade Doner Kebab is healthy, tasty and cheap!

This recipe has taken me a year or so to perfect and now I’m happy to share it with you! You can adjust the ingredients to suit you and alter the salad to your own tastes. You can make a chilli sauce if you like or instead try a good quality mayo on it – it’s good!

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback so please feel free to leave your comments below.

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