MacBook Pro gets hot | How to keep your MacBook cool

My MacBook Pro gets hot at times, usually when I’m trying to do something which requires a lot of processing power. As I’m typing this article it’s perfectly fine, but as soon as I run iMovie or Garage Band and start doing something heavy, the Mac gets very hot, especially just above the F keys. I’ve also noticed that the black strip at the bottom of the screen also gets very warm (it’s directly in front of the air vents).


Why a MacBook Pro gets hot

Unless it’s a hardware issue, the MacBook Pro gets hot because it’s having to do a lot of things at the same time. This is a common issue with any computer equipment. In my case I know for certain that there is no hardware fault as I’ve taken the computer apart and checked.

How to prevent a MacBook Pro getting hot

Whilst you’re going to want to keep on using your Mac for producing great movies and music, you’re going to want to keep it as cool as possible. Presuming that you’ve ruled out any hardware problems, you might want to consider the following ideas for keep your MacBook cool:

  • don’t use your MacBook directly on your lap – the heat from your body will prevent it from cooling and clothing may block the air vents required for cooling
  • never use your MacBook on a duvet or bed clothes
  • use a laptop tray to place your Mac onto – you’ll also find this more comfortable when using your MacBook
  • consider buying a laptop cooling tray – they run little fans on USB power and are excellent at cooling down any laptop when it’s working hard (and they can be used as a stand)
  • make sure the air vents are clear of obstructions and dust to keep your MacBook cool
  • if you’re handy with a screwdriver, have a look at the internal fan and make sure it’s not blocked with dust as this can considerably reduce cooling capability (refer to your warranty before doing this as you may void it)
  • don’t charge the MacBook whilst carrying our processor intensive activities like watching a movie or exporting large files


The benefits of keeping your MacBook cool

Overheating computer components reduces their lifespan, so keeping you machine cool will help prolong it’s life. If you keep your MacBook cool you’ll find it lasts longer.

Cooling the components also help the processor to deal with information faster, and whilst you probably won’t notice a difference in general use, your MacBook will export videos and music much faster.


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