Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office

Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office is not the same as using your mobile in personal time. If your office relies on mobile phones then it’s you’ve found yourself irritated by at least one colleague and the way they use their phone in the past. From annoying ringtones to unnecessary shouting, there are plenty of ways in which you lovely work colleague can turn into your most hated person.

Etiquette is important in all areas of life and it doesn’t stop just because you’re on the phone.

Don’t shout

Some people just can’t help themselves. They have to shout down the phone, as if the other person will hear them clearer. The reason people shout when they’re on their mobile phone is simple: they have the handset volume to high.

Turn the handset volume down and you’ll immediately notice the shouting turns into softer speaking.

Enough with the stupid ringtones

You’re in the office, not out for the night with your friends. While you might think that the Star Wars theme is a great ringtone (and who wouldn’t?) not everyone shares your enthusiasm for Darth Vader’s March. Equally, no one needs to hear your phone repeatedly announce that your mum is calling or making stupid sounds every time you get a new email.

Turn it down

If you must have your phone on at work, turn the ringtone down and chose something subtle. People are trying to concentrate and no all of them need to know every time someone calls you. So have some respect, and turn the volume down.

Leave the room

When you’re on your phone, one of the most annoying things you can do in the Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office battle is to have a really loud conversation next to people who are trying to concentrate.

Consider leaving the room to take that call if you really must take it.


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