Relationship between Organisational Vision, Values and Goals, and Leadership

Every company needs vision, values, and goals. Without these, organisations will not be as successful as is potential and are unlikely to grow. 

The relationship between vision, values and goals in leadership are very strong. A company’s vision may be something as simple as removing asbestos with a zero per cent accident rate every year. Other visions statements, such as Google’s “to provide access to the world’s information in one click” may also sound simple.

However, both require extensive values in terms of management and numerous skillsets to reach the goal successfully.  

In my company, our mission statement is “to remove asbestos within the pinnacle of safety techniques using ethical suppliers and recycling refuse wherever possible”. 

Our Core Values are to: 

  • Continue to strive for innovation in asbestos removal practices 
  • Strive to provide the best level of customer service possible 
  • Continue our exemplary record of minimal accidents 
  • Continue to invest in all employees in the form of training, retaining, mentoring and promotion 

In any organisation, visions, values, goals, and leadership blend into each other. An organisation’s visions can only be achieved by adhering to our values, and goals will only be achieved with decent leadership. 


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