Utility Alliance – another Cold Call possible scam? (01429802623)

I  received a call from a company calling themselves ‘Utility Alliance’, asking to speak to the “person responsible” for the utilities at my company. When I explained that we don’t take cold calls, I was informed that the call was related to “important change in government legislation” and that she wouldn’t tell me what it was due to DPA. She also claimed that Utility Alliance was appointed by the UK Government (a claim which I can find no evidence of online). They called from the number 01429802623.

When I asked the caller to explain what the call is regarding, and the “important change in government legislation” I was told this wasn’t possible due to the Data Protection Act.

My company receives daily calls from companies selling gas and electricity services, some of whom are evasive and aggressive in their tactics, so I am reluctant to speak to anyone over the telephone who I have never heard of and who is unprepared to explain the full reason for their call. So I contacted Utility Alliance to ask what they legislation was and why the caller wasn’t prepared to give me at least some basic information. I was told to contact ian.willis@utility-alliance.com, which I did.

Utility Alliance is NOT associated with the UK Government

I later received a call from Ian Willis who said that the reason for the call was regarding either Business to Business energy supply, or because of new water tariffs coming into force in the future (which I was already aware of). He confirmed that Utility Alliance is NOT associated with the UK Government and that he would be looking into why the staff member lied.

Turns out my hunch was correct and the employee at UA hadn’t been entirely truthful. Mr Willis may not have known about this tactic of lying about being associated with the Government, and he may not have known about staff hiding behind the Data Protection Act…but I’m pretty confident that culture has come from someone within the company.


Update: 06/02/2016

On 6th Feb 2017 I received an email from Ian Willis, defending his employee and threatening further action – presumably legal – if I didn’t remove this post. Naturally I won’t be removing it; the facts are as I have said them. Presumably Mr Willis’ company record their calls so I’d be happy to revise this information if he can provide me with the evidence to support his claim that I am be untruthful.

I don’t take threats lightly, and I will not be hushed just because the manager of a business doesn’t like being called out on the behaviour of one of his employees. If course, if Utility Alliance can supply evidence to prove I’m being untruthful I’d happily apologise, but of course they won’t be able to as a call recording will clearly support all of my points made in this post.


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  • 18th May 2017 at 10:45

    I am also contacted daily by energy companies and sometimes they are not totally truthful in their claims regarding what they can do for us and I believe that Utility Alliance could fall into that category.
    I have just been called by Dean from Utility Alliance to say that they have been contracted by the national grid to help companies map their KVA to ensure that they meet the new legislation and avoid excessive charges if they exceed the KVA capacity the meter and avoid paying for unused capacity if the meter was over specified. To do this he would need a copy of our latest energy bill with the meter point number.
    Despite receiving numerous similar calls almost on a daily basis I almost believed that he was indeed calling on behalf of the national grid, but some quick searches and due diligence have provided absolutely nothing to back up the information provided by Utility Alliance and I cannot find any reference to any future legislation regarding KVA allowances.
    In fact the only piece of useful information I found was this thread. It appears that they they are no longer working on behalf of the UK government but are now working for the National Grid .

    Many thanks to the author if this thread and I hope that my input is helpful to others.

  • 14th September 2019 at 23:15

    yes – Utility Alliance is a nightmare company. Although Connor at Utility Alliance confirmed that as the only company director of my company any contract would have to be signed by me, he tricked a junior employee of mine. 6 days later Connor Cronin of Utility Alliance managed to get some e-signature document appearing to be signed. They signed us up to Total at a ridiculously high unit price in August 2018 to start 1st August 2019 until 31st March 2024 and told Total we would be spending £180,000 on electricity which is a complete lie. Total won’t let us out of the fraudulent contract and it is now with the Energy Ombudsman. Total won’t say how Utility Alliance gets their commission. Utility Alliance record every phone call they want to use and as above spun some yarn to my employee about being involved for the Government. I would have nothing to do with this company. I try to protect my company but people like this pretend to have e-signed documents. In this case the e-signed document registered that there was a problem with one signature – actually fraud of my employee’s signature – but trying to get away from Total with this ridiculously high tariff is proving virtually impossible. these brokers need to be regulated strictly with legislation


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