Tomasz Schafernaker funniest moments

Those who have every heard of Tomasz Schafernaker know that the cheeky chappy is infamous for his on-screen gaffs, making him probably the most entertaining weatherman in the UK.

This page is dedicated to Tomasz Schafernaker funniest moments on TV and radio.


Funny Tomasz Schafernaker flips the bird

This is one of the best moments on British news television ever. During a live broadcast on BBC News 24, Tomasz decides to have a bit of banter with news anchor Simon McCoy and flips the bird at him. Sadly for Tomasz, the camera cuts back to him showing the middle finger in all it’s glory. Tomasz quickly attempts to make it look as if he had an itch – but it was too late…


Thomasz gets angry!

Any who can blame him? There he is, waiting for his queue to start his weather presentation but it never quite seems to come. The production gallery don’t tell him it’s time to go and he has no idea. So he gets in a strop and walks off set…


Tomasz loses it live on air

It’s a moment that every professional presenters fear, but when those words get jumbled and the giggles commence, it’s all downhill from there…


Thomasz drops the mic

Blissfully unaware that he has dropped his microphone, Tomasz starts his link…


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