How to watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription

If you’re looking for information on how to watch the Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription, your options are going to be very limited.

Legally, the only way you should be watching Amazon’s latest eagerly awaited program is to sign up to Amazon Prime and use an Amazon TV Firestick or Amazon App to watch the show in full HD. However, not everyone is prepared to pay £7.99 a month just to watch one program a week.

The thing is, it costs an absolute fortune to put these shows together, so people really should avoid watching The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription, and I would personally urge you to pay for the show and support Clarkson, Hammond and May to make more shows in the future. You’ll also help Richard Hammond buy more beard and hair dye.

Illegal downloads of The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is now reported to be the most pirated program of all time. Illegal copies are very poor quality in terms of audio and video quality. There, I said it: pirates are never as good as the original, the picture quality is always lacking and the sound is generally very poor.


What about Torrents of The Grand Tour?

You’re still using torrents? Wow. That’s so 2003.

Of course there are always going to be people who will illegal upload and share torrents so that people can watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription. However, using torrent sites can be very risky. Many torrents are packed with viruses and malware which can infect your computer and leave you with an unstable and vulnerable operating system.


I can’t afford to pay £7.99 a month and want to watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription

Perhaps you can’t afford it, but perhaps you and a few friends can as a group? How about clubbing together and paying £7.99 between you? Between 4 people it will only cost you £2 a month each and you’ll get to share the experience!

What’s more, you’ll also get exclusive access to movies, TV shows, ad-free music, unlimited photo storage, Kindle books and discounts on new-release video games. So you get to watch the Grand Tour and the benefits of all those other things for less than 8 quid a month, LEGALLY!

So stop being a tight arse, get out your wallet, and support the latest, greatest, car show.


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